Today’s Ultimate Transformation Moment takes a look at managing stress. Stress is simply the body’s response to outside stimulus, that has been recognized as a potential problem. Stress can be defined as any type of change that causes physical, emotional, or psychological strain. This strain is a response that is perceived as danger or a threat. The heart rate increases, digestion slows, and the rate of your blood flow to major muscle groups reduces.  Adrenaline begins to flow, as the fight or flight response kicks in. This can be a positive or negative response.

 Additionally, stress increases the levels of fear. The author Herbert Harus, defines fear as, “false evidence appearing real.” This means that many of the things that cause us stress or make us fearful, are usually not going to happen. To manage this fear you must stop believing that any given situation is going to have a negative outcome. So, in your thoughts you must replace the negative with positive thoughts. Give all situations a positive outcome in your mind, and believe that there are only perfect solutions.

 Managing stress is about finding and using your individual method of keeping your thoughts focused and centered on positive things and outcomes. A few methods for managing your stress, are meditation/prayer, breathing exercises, and organization.


People think meditation means sitting with your legs crossed and chanting. While this is fine, understand that meditation happens anytime you have focused thought. I happen to meditate when working out, or while I am on a long run. I keep my thoughts focused on staying relaxed and maintaining proper technique. Some people listen to soothing music and focus on the beauty of melodic sounds. Meditation/prayer can be any positive thought focused upon. It allows the individual to find something other than the stressor to infiltrate his or her mind.

 Breathing Exercise

Most of us have been on the freeway with incredible traffic, and find ourselves becoming stressed and tensed. Before the stress level increases, stop and take relaxed deep breaths. Take a few minutes to just focus on deep soothing breaths. Inhale through the nostrils trying to swallow some of that good oxygen, then exhale out through your mouth. Repeat this five to ten times. This will calm you and relieve tension from the entire body.

 Organize Your Day

List and prioritize the activities of your day. Make sure that when you organize your day you complete the most important task on your list. When you organize the most difficult items, you relieve some of the day–to–day worry. This allows you to rest, and ease your mind.

 While we have many issues to deal with every day several of them can be alleviated by keeping a positive mind, finding the time to center and be calm, and organize your day. Relax. Release, and let go and it’s done!

Peace and Be More!