Circuit Training Saturdays, is a specialized adult group fitness program that consists of men and women (of all ages and fitness levels).

Held every Saturday morning from 6:45 am till 8:00 am, individuals are challenged in group trainings that are adapted to meet various fitness needs. The challenging workouts include cardio vascular, strength, core and performance work. Individuals reach their next level of fitness in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Circuit Training may consists of various stations, concentrating on cardio, weight training, resistance bands, yoga, Pilates, abdominal work, isometrics and hill training. 

Training is focused on encouraging maximum effort and overall conditioning and includes a varying cycle of some combination:

  • Interval challenges

  • Basic sprints

  • Up hill sprints

  • Relays on the beach

  • Weight lifting

  • Calisthenics

  • Yoga

  • Stair-climbing

Sessions are conducted at parks, beaches and other challenging terrain