Physical Rehabilitation & Integrated Therapy

At Ultimate Transformations Training, you will find a phenomenal team to help with rehabilitation and maximizing recovery from injury. We partner with Dr. Pei Vuong an expert homeopath and with Ui Eli, a certified massage therapist, specializing in myofascial soft tissue therapy, muscle related joint mobilization techniques and flexibility training.

We have developed a three-step process to aid in rehabilitation:

  • Clear assessment/analysis in determining the medical issue

  • Focus on repairing the injury through required therapy

Train to achieving maximum performance

We have many inspiring success stories of individuals who have suffered injuries and have recovered substantially or fully and are now living more active lives.

Getting Started for the Elderly
A great number of our clientele are elderly, and are successfully enjoying the benefits of increased mobility, overall sense of well-being and higher levels of energy. 

If you are 100 lbs or more overweight, contact us to schedule an assessment meeting.