Public figures and those in the entertainment industry have consistently achieved maximum fitness and success with the help of Coach E and Ultimate Transformations Training. Life is about maximizing our mental, spiritual and physical performance – resulting in abundance, prosperity, health and wellness and order! When the mental, spiritual and physical self function at the optimal level, everything is enhanced, including creativity, endurance, follow- through and RESULTS! 

Reaching one’s personal life goals begin to come within reach and are attained. A fit body brings success in all areas of life.  Take the first step toward maximum fitness and performance. Achieve greatness in your life today!

Our trainings focus on:

  • Getting you to your maximum level of fitness and physical performance

  • Tailored programs that fit within a busy/fluctuating schedule

  • Helping you define and visualize your success and commit to the work and achieve

  • Programs developed for “on the go fitness,” while traveling 

Tavis Smiley - Personality

Tavis Smiley - Personality

Claudia Jordan - Actress

Claudia Jordan - Actress

Russell Hornsby - Actor

Russell Hornsby - Actor

About our training
Your program will be tailored to your fitness needs. Goals may include:

Weight reduction

  • Diet modifications

  • Healthy eating strategies

  • Monitoring caloric intake 

Weight training

  • Proper technique and machine usage

  • Power lifts

  • Body weight lifts

  • Dumbbell workouts

  • Band workouts 

Overall fitness

  •  Accountability programs

  • Nutrition programs

  • Cardiovascular conditioning

  • Walking

  • Running(distance/sprints)

  • Hill training






  • Stretching

  • Pilates

  • Yoga

  • Core work

  • Breathing and focused meditation